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Grounds Decorating

The information listed below is provided to preserve the integrity of the cemetery, protect the sacredness of its grounds, and provide safety to those who visit. We respectfully request your cooperation in following these regulations, which apply for the mutual protection and benefit of all lot holders, visitors, and employees of the cemetery.

April 1st – November 20th

  • In ground burial sections, please place natural or silk decorations in an inverted metal vase which may be obtained at the cemetery office. Concrete urns may be used in mausoleum and columbarium garden areas.
  • The maximum height for decorations is 22”.
  • We ask that you do not use glassware, pottery, shepherd crooks, or metal cans as these items can cause serious injury to visitors and employees when coming in contact with mowing equipment.
  • Do not plant shrubs or flowers without approval from the Superintendent of the cemetery.
  • Only one decoration per interment site is permitted.
  • All vases that are not in use will be inverted or removed.
  • Please do not bring pets, alcoholic beverages, firearms, or fireworks into the cemetery.
  • Statues must not be taller than 33” or weigh more than 20 pounds.
  • Flower saddles are allowed on monuments only.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove unsightly decorations.
  • Please be advised that the cemetery is not responsible for theft or the deterioration of any decoration or statuary. Further, the cemetery does not warrant metal vases.
  • American Flags may be placed 2 days prior, the day of, and 2 days following Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day. The flags will be removed by cemetery personnel and retained for use the following year.

November 21st – March 14th

  • Christmas wreaths are permitted and are available at the cemetery office. We ask that all wreaths be secured to a wire easel.
  • Grave blankets are not permitted.

March 15th – March 31stAnnual Cleanup

  • Please do not decorate during this period.
  • All decorations will be removed, and statues will remain.
  • All vases will be inverted.