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Ground Burial

Beautiful ground burial options are available at our Catholic Cemetery. The sacred gardens are a place of hope where Catholic symbols are displayed with dignity and reverence. These quiet places are the perfect setting for private meditation, prayer, or a peaceful walk. There are a variety of memorialization options available. From flat grave markers to upright monuments and statuary, families can design meaningful and lasting tributes to loved ones.

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Mausoleum Entombment / Garden Crypts

Mausoleum crypts are available for above-ground burial either in climate-controlled buildings or outside garden buildings. 

Community mausoleum facilities make above-ground burial surprisingly affordable. Mausoleum entombment is very comparable in cost to ground burial, and in many instances can be less.

Cemetery Services

Resurrection Mausoleum

Resurrection Mausoleum is the oldest Catholic community mausoleum in the United States. Originally completed in 1918, the building has been remodeled, restored and reconditioned over the century, and the chapel is now one of the most beautiful interment chapels in the Fort Wayne area. 

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The Saint John Neumann Garden Crypt

The garden crypt dedicated to St. John Neumann is the third of several such units planned for the beautifully landscaped Catholic Cemetery of Fort Wayne. This unit provides 288 exterior crypt spaces. 

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Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin Mausoleum / Garden Crypt and Chapel

Dedicated in May 2001 by Bishop John M. D’Arcy, this Mausoleum/Garden Crypt and Chapel were dedicated to Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin. It is the fourth of such units planned for the beautifully landscaped Catholic Cemetery. This beautiful structure provides burial space for 564 people. 

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Personalized Private Estates

Private mausoleum estates serve as an exclusive and lasting tribute to your family for many generations. Constructed from beautiful solid granite a variety of distinctively designed personal mausoleums are available and can provide for the entombment of one to sixteen family members.

Private Family Ground Burial Estates

The family estates are unique and individualized tributes to you and your family. Estates can range from four spaces to hundreds – all in one beautiful location.

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Cremation Options

The Catholic Cemeteries offer the following options for those choosing cremation.


An above-ground burial crypt, sized for an urn containing the cremated remains of the body and allowing for identification and remembrance.


Smaller-sized graves allow for a grave marker to be placed identifying and remembering the deceased.

Reflections on Cremation

The Catholic Church requires the cremated remains to be buried or entombed in a family grave, urn garden, or columbarium. Scattering or keeping cremated remains in the home are not reverent forms of disposition that the Church approves.

The Church requires that the cremated remains be housed in one urn. Therefore, designer keepsake urns, such as jewelry, are not acceptable in Catholic funeral practices. We offer a wide variety of memorial urns that are suitable for burial or entombment. Most urns can be engraved.